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Mission Statement

a) To publish and distribute wholesome, nurturing literature to young readers from the ages of 4 to 94 years of age.
b) To brand and license the artwork associated with Classics Illustrated.
c) To provide independent artists/writers an opportunity to publish their works.

Business Description

Jack Lake Productions Inc. has been republishing and distributing the Classics Illustrated line of comics- internationally, since 2003. The company also produces and distributes other related print media products such as coloring books, stickers, posters and other printed material that utilize the Classics Illustrated comic artwork. This is a retro line of comics dating back to the 1940's, 50’s and 60’s and is quite different in it's appearance and subject matter compared to the superhero and Japanese manga style of adult comics which currently permeate the market today. Many of our customers have embraced this relaunch in the same way as you greet an old friend.


  • In 2004, Jack Lake Productions Inc. started republishing and distributing the Classics Illustrated Special Edition line of comics in first-time-ever hardcover versions.
  • In 2005, Jack Lake Productions Inc. republished #124 The War of the Worlds to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first publication of this title from 1955.
  • In 2006, Jack Lake Productions Inc. in partnership with First Classics Inc. began licensing internationally all artwork associated with the Classics Illustrated series of titles.
  • In 2007, Jack Lake Productions Inc. began republishing the regular titles of Classics Illustrated. Jack Lake Productions Inc. operates out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
The goals the company has set forth are as follows:
  • Establishing distribution channels for these retro comic books
  • To set up partners in education, fundraising, charities, promotions and sub-licensing
  • To brand the artwork under the Classics Illustrated  banner name
  • To have fun while doing all of the above.

Jack Lake Productions Inc. also actively seeks promotional opportunities in the corporate realm, particularly in networking with children's product manufacturers. Jack Lake Productions Inc. will also establish partnerships with educational, fundraising and charity organizations to provide support material. Through talented freelance artists, all Classics Illustrated titles are either redrawn and recoloured from digital scans of original comics or original Gilberton printer’s blackline proofs. The titles are printed in Ontario and shipped to various channels of distribution. The channels of distribution are as follows:

  • International Licensees-

Since 2005, Modern Times S. A. (Greece) has been republishing The Classics Illustrated Junior series with comics, stickers and coloring books.

Since 2006, Egmont Scandinavia has been publishing the regular Classics Illustrated hardcover 4-title volumes for subscriptions in the Norwegian language.


Since 2007, Papercutz from New York, USA has been introducing new adaptations of classic literature under the Classics Illustrated banner as well as republishing the First/Berkley series of titles from the early 90’s.


Since 2008, the Classic Comic Store Ltd. (UK) started publishing the Gilberton CI series in the Commonwealth and South Africa.


Since 2009, !Editions (France) started publishing the CI First-Berkley series in the French language worldwide with an additional music CD provided as background music for the reading experience.


Since 2009, RCS Libri S.P.A. (Italy) started publishing the CI First-Berkley title “Behind the Looking Glass” in Italian.


Since 2010, HQ Maniacs (Brazil) started publishing the CI First- Berkley title “Behind the Looking Glass” in Portuguese.


Since 2010, Znanje d.d. (Croatia) started publishing both the Gilberton CI and CI Junior series in the Croatian language.


Since 2010, Tanti Lesmana (Indonesia) started publishing the Gilberton CI in the Bahasa and Indonesian languages.


Since 2010, Arvee SDN BHD (Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei) started publishing the Gilberton CI Junior series in the English, Malay, Tamil and Chinese languages.

Since 2012, Comic Club Hanover (Germany) started publishing the CI JES series (Joint European Series) in the German language.

  • Canadian School & Library Distribution- BHSMITHBOOKS CANADA 416-497-1464,800-433-3719, FAX 416-497-3267
  • Direct Mail Catalogues- Bud’s Art Books www.budsartbooks.com
  • Comic Book Store Distribution - Tony Shenton Shenton4Sales@aol.com
  • Subscriptions- Amazon.com/Jack Lake Productions Inc.
  • Retail- Jack Lake Productions Inc. own sales force for distribution into other channels such as grocery, hardware, drug, convenience, specialty and independent retailers.
  • Marketing/Promotions- Tim Lasiuta email tlasiuta@telusplanet.net
  • Marketing/Promotions- Gil Matte email mattemedia@me.com
  • Classics Illustrated Fan Club- Mike Gagnon email mikegagnon1@live.com
  • Licensing- Asia- Empire Multimedia Inc- Hubert Co-President www.empiremultimedia.com

Management Profile

President Jaak Jarve, BSc. Grew up on a dairy farm in Tottenham, Ontario, Canada, reading Classics Illustrated comics and chewing bubble gum all the time. Background included being a Product Development and Marketing Manager for the Okee Dokee Sticker Company – developed licensing agreements and products with the NHL, Universal Studios-The Grinch, Woody Woodpecker, Garfield, Franklin and The Land Before Time properties, Merchandising Manager for a direct-mail company Regal Greetings and Gifts, and a Visual Merchandising Coordinator for Granada Canada- a rental company for home entertainment equipment. Hobbies include art, photography, chess, military history and hockey.
Things that are important: Family, Friends and Rock n’ Roll!


Industry Overview

Jack Lake Productions Inc. through their own market research have identified a niche market which includes fairytales and historical/classical tales in a comic book format. Even though the comics are retro, in respect to publishing, they still hold an allure to the first time reader. What makes this line of comics so unique is that, they do not imitate any of the current formats or themes of today's comics (such as super hero, Japanese manga and animé comics). Like legends which endure over time, these fairytales also are classics in children's literature. Children's authors like the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen, Charles Perrault are just a few of the well known authors represented by this line. They have already been accepted by the many generations of fairy tale readers. With the regular Classics Illustrated series, great authors like Dumas, Cooper, Hugo, Stevenson, Dickens, Hawthorne, Twain, Verne, Shakespeare and Wells are represented in beautifully rendered graphic re-adaptations of their works. Especially in a current world filled with terror, war, disease and corruption- what a great time to launch a wholesome, nurturing escape from the harsh realities of the world as we know it.


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