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Introduction by William B. Jones Jr.
1000 pieces
19 1/4" x 26 5/8"
Made from high quality
thick premium blue board.
Introduction by William B. Jones Jr.
500 pieces
19 3/4"x 26 5/8"
Made from high quality thick
premium blue board
Introduction by William B. Jones Jr.
Get your favourite Classics Illustrated cover etched in glass. All etched glass covers are framed in 10" x 13" black frames ready to hang.
Allow two to three weeks for delivery.
#577 The Runaway Dumpling
By Lafcadio Hearn
Introduction by William B. Jones Jr.
An enchanting Japanese fairy tale about an old woman, who loves to laugh and her runaway dumpling in a land of magic.
#568 The Happy Hedgehog
By The Grimm Brothers
Introduction by William B. Jones Jr.
A great Grimm tale about a child which resembles a hedgehog.Follow the hedgehog through his many adventures as he meets a beautiful princess.
w3 The Story of Horses
Introduction by William B. Jones Jr.
This vibrant World Around Us issue, The Illustrated Story of Horses, explores various aspects of the much-loved equus caballus—the horse, of course! Artists such as Leonard B. Cole, Gerald McCann, John Forte, and E.H. Hart provide artwork for chapters on “The Indian and His Horse,” “The Cowboy and His Horse,” “Horses in War,” “Horses in Sport,” “Heroic Horsemen,” “Stories and Legends,” and other sections. A new biography of Gilberton business manager William E. Kanter, the “unsung hero of Classics Illustrated,” is included in this edition.
#173 The Argonauts
By Apollonius of Rhodes
Introduction by William B. Jones Jr.
Based on the ancient Hellenistic-period Greek epic The Argonautica by Apollonius of Rhodes, this rare issue, originally published in the British Classics Illustrated in 1963, is a new addition to the revived original North American series. This is the story of Jason and his quest for the Golden Fleece—a tale of heroic deeds, treacherous acts, and the all-consuming love of Medea for the stranger who came to her land to claim the seemingly unattainable prize. The Argonauts is a true collector’s edition and a continuation of the Classics Illustrated legacy.
#101 William Tell
By Frederick Schiller
Introduction by William B. Jones Jr.
A father is forced to make a life-or-death choice by a tyrant. And so William Tell, national hero of Switzerland, enters the realm of legend when he aims his crossbow at the apple placed on his son’s head. The best-loved play by one of the best-loved German authors, William Tell transcends national borders and languages with its universal message of freedom. Friedrich Schiller, who would write the “Ode to Joy” set to music by Beethoven, did not invent the iconic apple-shot scene, but he made it a powerful symbol of the human struggle for dignity and independence. Artist Maurice del Bourgo brought all of his characteristic energy to his interior illustrations. An additional feature on the Battle of New Orleans, with art by Henry C. Kiefer (who also supplied the painted cover), is included in this handsome edition.
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