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From Fairy Tales To Parables: Classics Illustrated Special Edition™ Comics Relaunched After Almost 50 Years In Hardcover

Jack Lake Productions Inc. is at it again. The Classics Illustrated Special Edition series of comics will be reintroduced this October, in beautifully restored fashion in hardcover for the first time ever. Hot on the heels of retelling good stories, like Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings by Tolkien and Mel Gibson’s The Passion, Jack Lake Productions Inc. is bringing back from the 1950’s The Story of Jesus and The Ten Commandments.

The Classics Illustrated Special Edition series consisted of 16 titles in total. The familiar stories, originally published by the late Albert Lewis Kanter, are based on historic tales of America, science and technology, religion and military conflict (War Between the States and World War II). Titles like the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the United Nations provide an international flavour to the entire collection.
Each 96-page colour book will be enhanced through digital technology, every panel and cover will be reproduced, respecting the original artwork while enhancing its quality.
Jack Lake Productions Inc., a Canadian company, has already released eighteen titles for the Classics Illustrated Junior series. Thumbelina, Johnny Appleseed, Rumpelstiltskin and The Silly Princess were recently released in September of 2004. One book will be launched every month, and the more popular issues will be reprinted on demand.

“Albert Kanter had a dream to provide meaningful, intelligent literature to young people of his time,” says Jaak Jarve, President of Jack Lake Productions. “It is now my dream to offer this same high-quality literature to children, parents and teachers today, providing a fresh alternative to the comic books currently on the market. The CLASSICS Illustrated JUNIOR™ books teach good old-fashioned values and nurture a child’s imagination.”

The CLASSICS Illustrated Special Edition books will be for sale at comic stores, retail stores, and bookstores across Canada and the United States for $19.95(US) or $24.95(Cdn).
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