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Fairytales, like legends, live forever!

A Few Of Our Titles

  • Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs
  • Paul Bunyan
  • The Pearl Princess
  • The Elves & The Shoemaker
  • The Salt Mountain
  • The Golden Bird
  • The Tinder Box
  • The Ugly Duckling

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  • Thank you so much for bringing back Classics Illustrated.They were the only comics my mother would let myself and my two brothers read. We had practically all of them as children. But in 1961 we had a flood in Selma and looters broke into our home and threw all our books in the dirty, muddy river floor. I purchased some in 1971 and still have those but I will be buying these for my two nieces and nephews children. Thank you again.

    Nina Capps
  • As the author HEMINGWAY ON STAGE, I am keenly aware of the influence of classical literature. Classics Illustrated and I both work to make great literature and great ideas available to a new generation. I grew up with Classics Illustrated and I hope a new generation can have the same wonderful advantage.

    Brian Gordon Sinclair
  • I collected your classics 55 years ago I found the easy and fun way to read the classics I will now introduce them to my grandchildren!

    Enthusiastic Grandma
  • Wow, it’s so great that Jack Lake Productions will relaunch these well loved classics. I will surely buy these for my kids as all my comic books were lost when I got married.

    Alex Eufemio
  • I have read Classics Illustrated since I was 9 years old. I loved those books. I read them till the covers fell off. My favorite one was Alice in Wonderland. I loved the illustrations.

    Susan Engels
  • I first saw my 1st Classics in 1948, read them through 1963 and rediscovered then in 1972, when I bought all single edition from the publisher, as he was going out of business – two boxes for $35. Then I set out to collect them all – sold the entire collection in 1992 for $7,000 to pay for my son’s college. Now in 2013, just now starting to get back into it again. Great to find that this Golden egg has not gone away. Look forward to getting caught up after being away for 20 years.

    Don Bruce
  • Coming from a long line of teachers, I couldn’t agree more that there is a need for this type of publication. It is a nurturing and wholesome alternative to other options currently available and I wish you great success in your endeavor.

    Derek Dyke
  • Great series! Congratulations…you are truly providing an alternative to the super hero / manga style cartoons out there.

    ChrisVancouver BC
  • The stories never grow old. Thank you for keeping the momentum going.

    Betty McPhersonLittle Rock Arkansas
  • My godkids enjoyed the stories and traded comic books for 2 hours straight. At dinner they talked about the stories and what they learned from them. Yes, you heard it right…the kids taught us! Thank you.

    CherylMississauga ON
  • I remember the joy I experienced, when I was a child, reading the “good old Classic Comics”. A parent didn’t have to worry about the content offered as we all knew there was nothing but enjoyable reading in these books. I was so happy to learn they would be in print again. Now my grandchildren will be able to understand how I felt.

    Sharon McKeanKitchener ON
  • Thanks so much for making available the CI Junior series again. As a child, CI Junior was a wonderful source for inspiration and imagination. They also encouraged me to learn to read at an early age. These stories are timeless treasures.

    Gail ZachariasCordova, TN
  • I am so glad that Jack Lake Productions has continued the Classics legacy. Now I can get Classic Juniors for my grandchildren in crisp new condition.

    Ted MillerHillsboro Oregon USA
  • I had a large collection of Classics Illustrated and Classics Juniors when I was a young girl. I kept them for many years and learned to love good literature from reading them. I am now the head of the English Department at my high school. One of my students gave me an old copy of “Lorna Doone” before she graduated. It was exactly like the one that I had as a girl. She gave me back a piece of my childhood. What a wonderful gift! I started checking the internet and have begun collecting the old versions again. I have also ordered the first year’s subscription to your Classics Juniors Anniversary Edition. I have received my first three comics. They really bring back memories. I hope that you will consider doing the regular Classics Illustrated stories as well. It will not be possible for me to afford to replace some of them with the actual old comics. Thank you so much for doing this!

    Kaye ArelSan Angelo TX United States
  • I grew up with Classic Illustrated Junior. These comics inspired by childhood and my great hobby for reading. I am ecstatic that someone has taken the initiative to reprint the books. Thank you so much ! I wish you every success and hope you can also print the regular Classic series. I am looking forward to collecting them all.

    NadinePickering Ontario Canada
  • I am very pleased to have found your wonderful publication; I enjoyed reading dozens of copies of both Classics Illustrated and the Junior series when I was a boy. Now I can buy them for my grandchildren. I had obtained some of the original CI issues through dealers, but I am extremely happy to be able to buy the new copies. Good luck in your venture, I know that all who have the privilege of reading these educational treasures will deeply appreciate them for years to come. My 4 ½ year old granddaughter loves having me read her my old (1950s) dingy copy of CI Jr’s Goldilocks and the Three Bears; now I can expand her exposure to these quality versions of children’s classics. I will be starting my subscription through immediately. Thanks

    Eric ClairmontFayetteville NC 28311 USA
  • THANK YOU SO MUCH for bringing back these wonderful magazines for a new generation to enjoy. Will you be bringing back the Classics Illustrated line as well? I would love to have Moby Dick, The Three Musketeers and Last of the Mohicans again.

    JoanneToronto Ontario
  • I love your fabulous reprints and eagerly await your republication of the original Classic and Classic Illustrated lines!!!!

    Jim LawrenceCalgary Alberta
  • I’m really looking forward to purchasing these Classics Junior editions. My mom and her sisters grew up with these and when I first learned how to read, I discovered these comics hidden in an old box and would hide in a room and read them over and over again. These are wonderful comics.

    ValerieVancouver BC
  • Love the fact that a Publisher is finally bringing back these wonderful Classic Comics the way they should be.There was an attempt in the 80/90’s which I personally thought was(disgrace) nowhere close to what CI was all about.PLEASE,Print all the Gilberton books(the way they were)and if possible get rights to the European Titles(JES).Actually go further with that,and feature Titles of Modern Classic Literature(If you need a list,I’ll send).I wish you the best of Good Luck.

    Gregory StoneRidgefield Park NJ
  • I grew up with Classics Illustrated and I am so happy they’re back! I hope all titles will be reissued. I still have all copies from my childhood and read them out to my kids almost every evening. This is THE alternative for contemporary digitalized fairy world. Who could ever have imagined that?

    Spyros HytirisCorfu Corfu, Greece
  • I was given 8 of the Classic Comics for my 12th birthday in 1944. I read and re-read them and finally gave them to my children — along with just about a complete set of both the Junior and regular Classic Comics. My husband put them in historical, chronological order and we put them in binders. We read them to our 7 children; and when they could read, our children read and re-read them, learning history and an appreciation for good literature. Later they read many of the classics in the “big” book just because they were familiar with them through the Classic Comics. THANK YOU FOR REPRINTING THESE WONDERFUL “FUNNY BOOKS!!!!” Two of my daughters have been able to obtain just about complete sets of the originals, and their children are allowed to CAREFULLY read them.

    Margaret ChamberlainSan Diego CA USA

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”

― George R.R. Martin